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Women International Master  “Prathiba Yuvarajan”

I have been playing chess for more than 16 years. I am an International Woman Master and have strong chess skills. I have trained various kids from beginners to intermediate. My current FIDE rating is 2196 and USCF rating is 2266

I finished two Master’s degree in Computer application and Master’s degree in Artificial intelligence with Robotics. During my studies I am an active chess pldsc04315ayer in University tournaments and college events. I earned university rank of 42nd among thousands during my Masters in Computer Application.

After my studies I worked as ESRC Research Assistant in Brunel University, Uxbridge, Greater London for 7 Months. CHREST is a computer model which is developed for the findings of cognitive psychology. We can study about the psychology of chess players and the cognitive development using CHREST. Pattern recognition, machine learning and data mining are the important work in the area. Work involves collecting data from chess positions and analysing with the computer model called CHREST.

I am an active coach in New York City for past one year. My current goal is getting a Woman Grandmaster Title and I have one woman grandmaster norm. My interest is to play professionally and teach to different generation



  • FIRST place in uscfU.S open Women’s championship 2014 held at Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • THIRD place in World open Women’s championship 2014 held at Arlington, Virginia.
  • FIRST place in U.S open Women’s championship 2013 held at Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Tied for FIRST place in World women’s open 2013 held at Arlington, Virginia.
  • Asian Junior Girls chess champion (GOLD) in 2003 held in Maravilla, Sri Lanka.
  • Asian Junior Girls chess championship (SILVER) in 2002 held in Sri Lanka.
  • Commonwealth Bronze Medallist (junior girls) in 2002 held in South Bank University, United Kingdom.
  • Commonwealth Bronze Medallist (junior girls) in 2003 Bronze Medallist held in Mumbai india
  • Represented World U-16, U-18, U-20 in 1998, 1999 and 2001 held in Spain and India respectively.
  • Achieved International Woman Master Title in the Year 2003 from Federation Internationale Des Echecs or World Chess federation